A Divison Of Sri Satya Sai Sadhana Trust

Prashanthi Nilayam, Puttaparthi

The cool drink and snacks kiosks were started in order to quench the devotee’s thirst under the hot raging sun of Rayalaseema, which is a characteristic of Puttaparthi.  These kiosks were originally started off as extensions of the shopping complex ofBhaktha Sahayak Division but later on for better ease of operations they have been separated out of the shopping complex and today run as independent units. The kiosksoperate in three different locations within the Ashram.

  • The first one called the “Main Kiosk” is located near exit door of the Shopping Complex,
  • The second one called the “North Kiosk” is located near the North blocks opposite to the North Indian Canteen and,
  • The third one called the “GH – Kiosk” is located in the General Hospital premises for the benefit of the patients coming to the Hospital.

All the three kiosks sell varieties of cool drinks and snacks that can satiate the devotees’ appetite. The kiosks also offer tea, coffee and other milk based drinks. The GH-Kiosk also serves as an extension counter for the Bakery and the Ice Cream units of Bhaktha Sahayak Division. Thus it sells the bakery items and Ice creams too in addition to cool drinks, snacks, coffee and tea.